Power Up Points

Diversified's Power Up Points Program is our way of saying 'Thank You' for doing business with us.

Program Eligibility

Updates to the second earning period of 2017!

To be eligible to receive Power Up Points, and to be allowed to apply Power Up Points toward qualifying products and/or services, the total amount of your purchases must exceed $500.00 for the billing cycle that Power Up Points are earned.

In addition, you must always pay your monthly Diversified statement in full by the due date indicated on your statement. If we do not receive payment prior to the due date on your statement, the Power Up Points earned on the following month's purchases will be lost.

Please note that you cannot deduct your Power Up Points from the payment you make against your statement. The statement must be paid in full. Also, if your account is not current, you will not be eligible to use Power Up Points for any purchases of qualifying products or services.

Power Up Points are accumulated over one of two six month periods: December 1st through May 31st (Power Up Points deadline: June 20th); June 1st through November 30th (Power Up Points deadline: December 20th).  Any Power Up Points not utilized by the deadline dates above for the respective six month period will be lost.  They may not be applied to future installment payments, and they will not be carried over to the next month.

Sources to earn Power Up Points include:

  • Ophthalmic Lab
  • Gas Permeable Lab
  • Soft Contact Lenses


  • All orders of 50 or more soft contact lenses
  • All electronic orders for soft contact lenses
  • All frame purchases

Program Guidelines


  • Redeem Power Up Points for credit for Ophthalmic Lab purchases on your Diversified statement!
  • Power Up Points may not be applied toward sales tax or shipping charges.
  • Requests must be on the Power Up Points Redemption Form, phone requests will not be accepted



What are Power Up Points?
The Power Up Points Program is one of the many ways Diversified supports independent eye care practitioners. Power Up Points are earned from select purchases and can be used to credit ophthalmic lab purchases.

How can I get Power Up Points?
Earn Power Up Points through purchases from the Diversified Buying Group, Ophthalmic Lab, Gas Permeable Lab, and Soft Contact Lens Divisions.

How can I find out the amount of Power Up Points I have?
Your monthly statement from Diversified will have the Power Up Points you have accumulated.

How do I redeem my Power Up Points?

It’s easy, simply print a Power Up Points Redemption Form, fill it out, and fax it to (513) 619-8136.

Do my Power Up Points expire?
Yes, you need to redeem your Power Up Points every six months or you will lose them.  The due dates for redemption are June 20th and December 20th

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