Diversified Irregular Cornea Lenses

Post-Surgical & Irregular Cornea

PureSite® GP PK
PureSite® GP PK is a ‘bridge’ design useful for early keratoconus, irregular corneas, and grafts. Trial fitting is strongly recommended to determine the best Rx and fit.



Dyna Intra-Limbal®
Best on pellucid marginal degeneration, low cones, globus cones, oval cones, post graft, and other flat profile corneas.  Diameters: 10.0 to 12.0; BOZ: 1.8 mm less than diameter



PureSite® GP Cone
PureSite® GP Cone is a Keratoconus lens with a carefully calculated geometry between the base curve surface and peripheral system made up of several spherical cuts providing a maximized fit for superior patient comfort and visual acuity.

PureSite® GP PRK
PureSite® GP PRK is a ‘bridge’ design intended for rehabilitation of post RK corneas. Trial fitting is strongly recommended to acquire the most accurate lens specification and best fit.


 PureSite® GP Dual Base
PureSite® GP Dual Base is a Keratoconus lens with a two zone spherical lens designed to fit the more “normal” cornea around the cone and a central curve to vault the cone with minimal clearance. This spherical central curve has proven to give better optics than an aspheric curve over the optical apex.

PureSite® GP Peri-Limbal
PureSite® GP Peri-Limbal is an 11.2 diameter GP useful for multiple corneal conditions; keratoconus, post graft, pellucid marginal dystrophy, traumatic damage, and others. Trial fitting is recommended to acquire the most accurate lens specification and best fit.


PureSite® GP R-2000
PureSite® GP R-2000 is a Keratoconus lens that presents an aligned countor in conjunction with mathematically correct Para central tear pump to effectively refresh the tear supply to promote superior corneal health. It is best described as having a nearly spherical ‘optical zone’ area surrounded by a variable eccentricity slope providing for edge lift and ease of removal.

PureSite® GP Reverse Geo
PureSite® GP Reverse Geo is a reverse geometry or plateau design useful for fitting over an altered cornea where the center is flatter than the periphery, i.e. penetrating post-surgical, post-graph, or post-trauma corneas with a flat central portion.



Dyna Cone® & Dyna Cone Plus
Small diameter lens, which has varying optical zones, is intended for centrally positioned nipple cones.  Diameters: 8.0 to 9.9; BOZ:  The Dyna Cone Plus has a 0.4 mm larger BOZ than the Dyna Cone.

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