Diversified Scleral Lenses


PureSite® GP Semi-Scleral
PureSite® GP Semi-Scleral is a 14.0 to 16.0 semi-scleral design for use when intra-corneal GP and/or soft lenses do not work appropriately. It is also useful for extreme dry eye conditions. Trial fitting must be performed.


Dyna Scleral™
This design is especially helpful for therapeutic needs like severe dry eye syndrome and Stevens-Johnson syndrome. It is designed to completely vault the cornea and allows for a comfortable fit. Powers: made to order;  Diameters: 16.1 to 20.5  Choose standard or custom BOZD; standard, steep, or flat edge lift in numbered steps


Dyna Semi-Scleral™
Intended to be used when the optic zone needs to vault the cornea and/or when the comfort of a scleral fitted lens is needed without the difficulties of a hybrid lens modality.  Powers: +10.00 to -20.00; Diameters: 13.5 to 16.0  Many BOZ available, 9.4 mm is standard for 15.5 to 16.0; diameters 15.4 and smaller have a 9.0 mm BOZ; Edge lifts may be increased or decreased as needed

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