Diversified Spherical Lenses

Sphere Designs

PureSite® GP
PureSite® GP is a spherical single vision lens design manufactured with a carefully calculated geometry between the base curve surface and peripheral system made up of several spherical cuts providing a maximized fit for superior patient and visual acuity. 




Toric Designs

PureSite® GP Torics
PureSite® GP Back Toric is a GP lens with a toric back surface and a spherical front. Indicated for patients with less than 2.0 diopters of corneal astigmatism.

PureSite® GP Front Toric is a GP lens with a spherical back surface and a toric front surface. Indicated in case of residual or lenticular astigmatism. Prism is used to prevent rotation.

PureSite® GP Bi-Toric is a GP lens with toric front and back surfaces. This lens produces sharp, clear vision for patients with 2.0 diopters or more of astigmatism.


PureSite® GP Thin
PureSite® GP Thin is a spherical single vision lens design that utilizes the same peripheral system with PureSite® GP combined with a thin lens design resulting in a GP lens with reduced overall lens mass and increased oxygen transmissibility allowing for maximized corneal health, patient comfort, and visual acuity.


PureSite® GP Thin II
PureSite® GP Thin II is an exact duplication of the time honored Polycon® design. Available in all EPA-approved materials.


PureSite® GP Aspheric SV
PureSite® GP Aspheric SV is a single vision lens design manufactured with an aspheric back surface system that provides precise alignment with the curvature of the cornea resulting in optimum lens comfort.

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