MidSouth GP Fitting Guides

Ultima Fitting Information

Ultima Parameters
Base Curve
Made to Order
Diameter Any, initial 9.2 to 9.5
Power -8.00 to +4.00
Lower Rx's
Low Motivation
Add Power
+1.00 to +3.00
Seg Zone
Initial 2.3 Zone




Guaranteed Fit Plan
(90 Days)

If for any reason the original pair does not work, they may be exchanged or returned for a FULL CREDIT within 90 days. After the return of the original pair, any lenses ordered then returned for either credit or cancellation will be assessed $8 material recovery fee per lens. There is no charge for adjustments during the 90 day warranty period.

Ultima Refinements
We have found the following adjustments to be meaningful in ascertaining optimum fit  and visual acuity.

  1. If near vision is good but distance is not acceptable, increase distance Optical Zone. Add +.25 to +.50 to add power.
  2. Lens lag on blink (lens must center): Increase total diameter.
  3. Add needs +1.00 more: Decrease distance Optical Zone. Use same specs.
  4. Add needs +.50: Increase add power +.50. Use same specs.
  5. Allow minimum 30 minutes adaptation time.
  6. Over refraction should be done with trial frame to eliminate pupil dilation behind phoropter.
  7. Determine pupil size in normal light: small, medium or large. 4.0 being average.

Ultima Aspheric Fitting Guide

Corneal Toricity
Fit Base Curve
(using the Steep "K")
(Add to sphere Rx)
Spherical to .25 Diopter
Fit-on Steep "K"
Use Sphere Rx
.50 to 1.00
Use Steep "K"
Add --.75 Sphere Rx
1.25 to 2.00
.50 Flatter than Steep "K"
Add 75% of Steepness over Flat "K" to Sphere Rx
Over 2.00 Difference
Trial Fit
Add 75% of Steepness over Flat "K" to Sphere Rx

Ultima Multifocal Fitting Tips

  1. Fit as single vision to determine effective add power, add +.50 to spectacle Rx.
  2. Trial fitting is highly suggested for a higher degree of success and greatly reduced chair time.
  3. When fitting, allow minimum of 30 minutes adaptation time. Over-refraction should be done with handheld lenses, do not use a phoropter for this test because of pupil dilation in low light.
  4. Take note of eye dominance, pupil size and lid positioning in normal light.

Premier Asphere Multifocal Fitting Guide

Our Lens Design
The Premier Asphere is a posterior surface multifocal developed for presbyopes with an add power of up to +2.50. The aspheric back surface parallels the natural corneal eccentricity which produces a better centering and more comfortable fit for the patient. The crisp optics of the Premier Asphere give the patient the distance, midpoint and near vision they have been demanding.

Benefits of the Premier Asphere:
  • Easy adaptation
  • Immediate binocularity
  • Excellent intermediate vision
  • Fit empirically with 100% warranty
  • Loaner trial sets available
  • Mad in FluoroPerm 60 (any color)

Base Curve Selection:

+1.00 to +1.50 Adds
Fit 2.00 D. steeper than flat K
+1.75 Add
Fit 2.25 D. steeper than flat K
+2.00 Add
Fit 2.50 D. steeper than flat K
Fit 2.75 D. steeper than flat K
Please call our consultation staff to vary eccentricity values for more.
Example: K's 4100/4300 Pwr Plano-200x180 +200 Add
Order: 43.50 BC -2.50 power 95 to 95 Diameter

Design Availability:
  • Base Curve: Any
  • Power range: +20.00 to -20.00
  • Diameters: Any
  • Add range: Up to +2.50
  • Material: Any
  • Colors: Blue, Green, Gray, Brown
  • UV inhibitor available

Diameter Selection

9.0mm BC 47.00 or stepper (also small pupils or intrapalpebral fits)
9.2 to 9.6mm
BC 42.00 to 47.00
9.7 to 10.2mm
BC flatter than 42.00 (also large pupils and lid attachment fits)

Pricing and Warranty Information:
  • $75 per lens guaranteed. First pair of lenses are fully guaranteed with a 100% cancellation privilege. Any further exchanges or cancellation will be assessed at $15 per lens charge.
  • $55 per lens non-guaranteed
  • Trial sets - 20 lens fitting set for $250
  • Five $50 off coupons for first 5 patients ($250 value)

Fitting Criteria:

  • Good centration
  • 1-2mm movement
  • Slight central pooling
  • Lid attachment or intrapalpebral

Poor Candidates:

  • Small pupils
  • Historically high riding spherical RGPs
  • Against the rule corneas

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