MidSouth Multifocal Lenses


Translating progressive multifocal; All spherical power crescent progressive.  Click here for more information






Essential GP
ESSential Multifocal’s proprietary S-Form manufacturing technology creates three different ADDs – +1.50D, +2.25D and +2.75D – so you can successfully meet the vision demands of a broader spectrum of presbyopic patients.

Ultima™ Multifocal is an aspheric font surface design for low, moderate and advanced presbyopes. Ultima™ Multifocal provides an easy transition from a single vision GP and offers premium near, intermediate and distance vision in all gazes. Patients currently wearing Ultima™ or Ultima Thin™ can utilize the same parameters and Paragon materials for their Ultima™ Multifocal lenses.

Essential Xtra
ESSential Xtra Multifocal’s proprietary S-Form manufacturing process delivers the ADD needed for Near and Intermediate vision with three different Series to choose from. 


PureSite® GP Multifocal
PureSite® GP Multifocal is a front surface design with the distance in the center, intermediate and near in the periphery for low, moderate, and advanced presbyopic patients that provides optimum near, intermediate, and distance vision. PureSite® GP Multifocal provides your patients with an easy transition from their single vision GP lenses.

Tangent Streak Bifocal
Your best choice for crisp distance and near focus, and higher reading power corrections. Wide, unobstructed field of vision. Stays properly oriented on your eye. Superior sharpness compared to monovision correction and soft bifocal contacts. crisp vision even if you have astigmatism.

LifeStyle GP
Lifestyle GP Lenses are a patented multi-aspheric back surface, designed for comfort, simultaneous vision, and enhanced near acuity as the lens translates. Easy to fit, easy to adapt, easy to wear. 





Unilens and Unilens Plus
Unilens Vision is a provider of specialty optical products using its proprietary design and manufacturing technology.

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