MidSouth Spherical Lenses


Ultima™ aspheric back surface is precisely manufactured to align with the corneal curvature, resulting in a comfortable fit for your first time GP lens wearer. Ultima™ is manufactured using our state-of-the-art computerized lathes, which enables the quality reproducibility you expect from MidSouth Premier Ophthalmics. Ultima™ is exclusively available in Paragon materials.






GP Torics
Front Surface Toric: Lens with a spherical back surface and toroidal front surface, used for the correction of *residual astigmatism. Stabilization is necessary to control axis orientation.

Back Surface Toric: Lens design where part or all of the back surface is of toric construction. The front surface may be either spherical, or toroidal in which case it is a bitoric.

Bitoric: Lens design with both front and back surfaces of toric construction.


Ultima Thin™ features the same back surface geometry you traditionally rely on with Ultima™ and is suited for spherical GP candidates who benefit from thinner lens designs. Because of the reduced lens mass, Ultima Thin™ is an excellent first lens of choice for hyperopes, high myopes or patients who benefit from higher oxygen transmissibility. Ultima Thin™ is exclusively available in Paragon materials.

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